How to ripen an avocado quickly and 9 other avocado facts for Cinco de Mayo

avocadoSince no Cinco de Mayo party is complete without fresh guacamole, you probably carefully selected the perfect avocados during your pre-party shopping trip days ago. But, what if the day before before your party, you discover that, despite a few days of relaxing on your countertop, your avocados remain rock-hard, unlikely to be easily mashed into your favorite flavorful dip?

Not to worry! We’ve researched how to ripen an avocado quickly — and added other must-know facts about avocados here:

  1. There are close to 500 varieties of avocados.

  2. Avocados are actually fruits, and are often eaten with sugar or as an ice cream flavor for dessert in Brazil.

  3. An avocado ripens in 5 stages, from light green to ripe. Keep these in mind when you choose your avocado at the store. Continue reading

Loving yourself and the planet: A homemade body scrub and other February web finds

homemade body scrub

Give your skin some attention with this homemade body scrub from WholeGreenLove.

By Katie Shatzer

Forget the standard flowers and chocolate. This Valentine’s, it seems people fell in love with natural and organic goodness of all kinds. We felt the love — for our partners, families, communities, planet and even ourselves — all month long.

Let’s keep the love going with some of our favorite web finds from February: Continue reading

Simply Organic Recipe App

Recipe apps are all the rage these days, with smartphones doing more and more to make our lives easier.

Simply Organic’s recipe app for the iPad® is a finalist in the 2011 “Best App Ever Awards,” and we’d love your help in voting for it as the winner by Jan. 25.

148Apps has selected Simply Organic’s app for iPad® as one of the top ten iOS recipe apps. The winner of the recipe category will be announced at the 2012 Macworld / iWorld Expo in San Francisco on January 26-28.

Simply Organic is the only organic brand in the category!

You can vote at or

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the app, here’s some quick info.

Available free from the iTunes® store, the app contains several key features with user-friendly functionality. They include:

  • Browse and search for more than 1,500 recipes, with an emphasis on organic ingredients.
  • Recipes are referenced by popular recipe collections, such as Healthy Kids, Vegetarian Main Dishes, Ethnic Cuisines.
  • Filter recipe searches by what you already have at home, by what ingredients are in season, or by a key word.
  • Weekly recipe ideas and coupons.
  • Customized note taking for future reference to save any changes made to cooking preparation, as well as any favorite wine pairings.
  • A “Give it a Spin” function that generates recipe suggestions randomly with a spin of the touch screen when you need inspiration.

And you can check off items on the recipe app as you shop —  no paper involved!

Simply Organic also adds an average of 10 new recipes twice per month. Those new recipes are automatically added for free and simply require the user to accept the new recipe download notice.

We’d love to hear if you’re using the app! And don’t forget to vote.

We thank you!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Our Simply Organic Brand

Please take a moment and enjoy our newest video, which highlights some major milestones of one of our brands at Frontier, Simply Organic.

Coinciding with the celebration of its 10th anniversary, Simply Organic® has surpassed the half-million-dollar contribution mark through a recent donation made to the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES).

Simply Organic’s One Percent Fund – SO1% – takes 1 percent of net sales on all Simply Organic spices, seasoning mixes, baking flavors/extracts, and baking mixes, and uses it to support organic agriculture through education, research, and grower development.