Creating a Sustainable Future for Sandalwood

By Tim Blakley, Aura Cacia aromatherapist/educator


Tim visiting Aura Cacia’s sandalwood supplier in Australia

I recently attended the International Sandalwood Synopsis in Honolulu to discuss the future of one of my favorite oils – sandalwood. This was the first conference on sandalwood in over 20 years.

The story behind the conference began about 18 months ago, when someone approached me at a trade show with a bottle of sandalwood essential oil made from Hawaiian sandalwood. I was a bit surprised, as Hawaii has a brutal history regarding sandalwood (massive exploitation between 1810 and 1830 resulted in a near elimination of the species in all but the most remote parts of the islands), and I had no idea anyone was harvesting it today. With the supplier’s permission, I visited the land where the wood was being harvested. Continue reading