Take action to save honeybees: Plant a bee garden

By Tom Havran

If you do one thing outside this summer, plant a bee garden.

plant a bee garden

A honeybee visiting my garden this spring.

Here’s why:

Throughout the history of bee keeping, a phenomenon has occasionally occurred where worker bees en masse fail to return to their colony’s hive. Recently, this phenomenon has increased to epidemic proportions and has been named Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). It’s estimated that one-third of the hives in the United States succumbed to CCD last year. When CCD occurs, the next generation of developing larvae in the hive perishes, and any remaining adult worker bees die or disband.

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April webfinds: Is organic better? Answers to 5 everyday questions

By Katie Shatzer

The internet is full of answers to life’s questions. Some have clear answers: “What’s the weather going to be today?” (Cold and rainy, if you spent April in the Midwest.) Others are much more complex: “Is organic better for my family?”

We certainly don’t have all the answers (not even close!), but to help you out, we have answers for five everyday questions in this month’s webfinds:


Reducing waste can be simple.

1. Is organic better? A middle school student took on this question after she witnessed her parents debating the topic. She worked with researchers at a local university to design an experiment that shows organic is better — for fruit flies, at least.

2. How can I reduce waste? To celebrate Earth Month, the Bulk is Green Council (of which Frontier is a part) raised awareness of how you can reduce packaging waste by simply buying certain items in bulk. Continue reading

March webfinds: How to clean up your diet, your beauty routine and your home for spring

Holistic Moms Network Holistic Living Challenge

Image courtesy of Holistic Moms Network

By Katie Shatzer

We anticipate few events throughout the year as much as the first truly spring day. Sunshine, warmer air and the promise of new growth all around quickly erase our memories of winter’s short daylight hours, brutal snowstorms and inevitable bouts with illness. On the Internet, we anticipated spring through handy tips for how to clean up your diet, your beauty routine and your home for spring.

Check out our favorite web finds from March, then get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

  1. Understanding where your food comes from is an important step in moving away from processed foods. In March, Holistic Moms Network focused their monthly Holistic Living Challenge on the theme, “Get to Know Your Food!” If you missed the March challenge, you can join in on April’s challenge, centered around helping someone you know go green. Continue reading

California vote not the end for GMO labeling

By Tony Bedard, CEO

It’s simple: People should know what’s in their food.

Yesterday, California residents voted on whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be called out on food labels.  In spite of the support of Frontier and other like-minded companies, the measure unfortunately failed to pass, with nearly 47 percent of voters in support of it.

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Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Our theme at Expo West in the Anaheim Convention Center March 9-11 is “We Dig It,” to promote our organic Madagascar vanilla beans, which are used in products across all three brands of the Frontier Co-op family.

Why “We Dig It” ? Through a $40,000 donation from the Simply Organic 1% fund, we dug 49 wells in 38 villages where our vanilla beans are grown and processed. This effort brought clean water to thousands of people. Previously, women and children fetched water from a stream, sometimes walking up to several hours a day.

Here’s a look at this joint effort! See if you can spot Tony Bedard, our CEO.

If you are attending Expo West, some of the info below will fill you in about what we’re up to in Anaheim.  If you aren’t – which includes most of our retail customers – the information below will still tell you a bit about what’s new and how we interact at this trade show.

We’d love to see you at the Frontier™ and Simply Organic® booth #3532. We have some exciting new products to show you, including new bulk spices, bottled ethnic seasoning blends and new Simply Organic spices, baking mixes and more.

If you order directly from us, stop by our Frontier Direct booth #3730 and meet some of the folks who specialize in ensuring that your orders are filled quickly and accurately. We’ll also have displays of new products on hand. It’s a great way for us to meet members and get feedback on how to better serve you.

And join us at the Aura Cacia booth #3633 to learn about new products, make your own personal mister, and enjoy the music provided by DJ Drez. You’re also invited to attend our FREE yoga class Friday, March 9th, from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. in the ballroom at the Hilton Avalon.