Wishing You a Moment of Chill

By Tom Havran

With winter storm Draco bearing down on us as I write, it seems like an odd time to write about taking a moment to “chill.” But when I think about it a little more, what can be more stress-inducing than a “life-threatening” blizzard? Yes, taking a moment to chill is completely appropriate – from power outages to white-knuckle driving, I’m going to need to remain cool-headed the next few days.


One of my favorite fan-submitted “chill moment” photos, submitted by Sarah Katherine M. on our Facebook page earlier this year.

Severe weather is one of any number of anxiety-inducing, stressful life moments that we regularly face. That’s why, earlier this year, Aura Cacia set out to take a National Moment of Chill during certain universally recognized stressful days, encouraging our fans to take a personal time-out and simply “chill.”

The first National Moment of Chill was held on Monday, Jan. 23. This midwinter date certainly is a major stress-inducer for many reasons: the post-holiday let-down sets in, the holiday bills are due, and it’s back to the routine reality of our everyday work load. It’s also the absolute dead of winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) season. It was an appropriate day to set aside time to relax and be present – a time to recognize that you own the solution for overcoming the stress, tension and anxiety in your life.

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