Herbal Summer Teas

Hey, Frontier Facebook fans: we really, really like you. Every time we ask you for suggestions and ideas, you come through with excellent combinations and uses for our products that we love to learn about.

Recently we asked our fans for summer tea ideas. As usual, they made us crave a refreshing iced tea, preferably from a Mason jar. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Just plain old sweet tea with a lemon, from a Mason jar, of course!
  • Peppermint! Very refreshing.
  • Black with raspberry herbal. Green with citrus. Double Bergamot Earl Grey.
  • Just good cold well water!
  • Grandma’s sweet sun tea!
  • Frontier Raspberry green tea makes a WONDERFUL sun tea!
  • Frontier Spiced Chai steeped, cooled, iced with a little half and half. Yummy!
  • I make all sorts of sun tea…anything from a mixture of my herbs to tea bags…I love it all.
  • I go thru a gallon every 2 days!
  • I make sun tea about every other day, 2 half gallons: one, black or a mix of black & green, for sweet tea; and the other, either just peppermint or a mix of green tea, roses, cinnamon and peppercorns.
  • Peppermint tea, with leaves fresh from my yard.
  • Raspberry and just plain old green tea. I sweeten w/stevia or honey.
  • Orange and blueberry are a lovely combination.  I’m diabetic, so I sweeten with Splenda or Truvia.
  • Mint tea!

Speaking of mint tea, it’s hard to beat as a drink to help cool you down on a sizzling summer day.

Try this easy recipe for making your own, combined with juicy strawberries and lemon, for added sweetness.



















8 lemons, juice only

1 quart of your favorite sun tea

¾ cup sugar

4 strawberries, chopped, per glass


sprigs of mint

slice of lemon


Mix the lemon, water, and sugar to create lemonade to taste.

Mix with your sun tea.

Pour into 16 oz glass.

Add strawberries.

Add ice cubes.

Add mint sprigs.

Finish with slice of lemon and straw.

Let us know your favorite summer teas!

More on herbal summer teas on our website.