6 ways to continue your Earth Day celebration every day

By Katie Shatzer

From Thanksgiving to National Margarita Day, the meaning of a holiday is different for each of us. This is true for Earth Day (which is Monday, April 22, by the way): For some, it’s a celebration of the planet we inhabit; for others, it’s a yearly wake-up call that we are rapidly destroying it. Either way, we’ve found six ways to incorporate love for the Earth into your everyday activities.

1. Buy in bulk. Frontier is a member of the Bulk Is Green Council, which exists to educate consumers on the environmental and financial benefits of buying bulk foods. Take the council’s Earth Month pledge to buy bulk food once a week throughout April. By the end of the month, you’ll probably want to make it a habit!

Frontier tallgrass prairie

Frontier tallgrass prairie in Norway, Iowa in mid-summer.

2. Spend time outside. Wandering around in places like our tallgrass prairie gives you a greater appreciation for nature and more motivation to protect it. Continue reading

Green is Good fm

For those of you looking for new ways to be sustainable and new ways to make a difference, green-wise: Meet “Green is Good” Radio.

Each week “Green is Good,” hosted by Electronic Recyclers International’s John Shegerian and Mike Brady, features people and organizations that are making a green difference. John and Mike discuss sustainability practices, environmental issues, recycling, reuse and more with some of the green world’s influential people. Read more about John and Mike here.

The show is broadcast weekly on Clear Channel Radio Network, and you can listen online. “Green is Good” offers advice, suggestions, information and solutions from green experts. Recent guests have included Andy Perlmutter ofBetter World Books and urban homesteader Sundari Kraft. The website has an easily accessible archive, so you can browse through topics and listen to past shows.

Speaking of past shows, here’s one for you now! Our own Clint Landis recently spoke with John and Mike about all things bulk, including the mission of the Bulk is Green Council.

As Clint says, “There are a number of things people don’t understand about buying in bulk, and it’s because they haven’t done it yet. Everything from saving packaging to saving money — with the economy the way it is, who doesn’t need to save money? Bulk is a phenomenal way to save.”

Please enjoy the segment, and let us know if you have any thoughts to add.

Click here to listen.