ReUse Connection

Since one of our missions on this blog is to keep unraveling the puzzle of sustainability, we appreciate it when we come across recycling tips that make sense and as a bonus are fun, too. If you ever wonder what you can do with that mountain of Starburst wrappers on the floor of your car, this is your kind of site.

Since 2009, ReUse Connection has been using social media to promote the re-use of materials and items by providing a platform for people to share and discuss re-use examples. . . and by supporting eco-entrepreneurship.  It’s an inspiring use of Facebook in particular, with over 70,000 followers engaging in discussions and sharing tips for re-using materials in endlessly creative ways.

In the site’s own words:

“ReUse Connection sees ReUse as a much broader umbrella, including recycling, upcycling, some repurposing, etc. Our knowledge sharing purpose is to aid people in thinking outside the box. . .

At times, we focus on the “use” part of ReUse, seeing utility in items or materials otherwise destined for the landfill: for example, repurposing an item or material that has never been used or will never be used because it is expired or blemished.

While some of our content may not directly achieve the goal of reducing waste, our broader goal is to demonstrate what is possible and hopefully stimulate people to act on that imagination.

ReUse Connection aims to reduce waste and improve environmental health by:

1. providing knowledge sharing about ReUse, and

2. creating economic opportunity (with individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations) by seeing value at the back end of the material stream.”

This is sustainability in action. They’re in the process of developing a website, and in the meantime have created a Facebook page that’s become a clearinghouse for ideas of all kinds.

A few of our recent favorites:

Beach bag made from mesh produce bags, courtesy the journals of giddy giddy

Striped cotton wrap around skirt size 6Y made of a man shirt, courtesy French Garderobe on Etsy

Tie bag from ReUse Picasa page

Ski rack idea/photo courtesy Orvis

Granted, some of the ideas may not appeal to everyone, but one of the things we most enjoy about the Facebook page is the give-and-take in the comments following the postings. Fans on this site aren’t shy about expressing their opinions on whether new ideas make the grade or not.

For more info on the genesis of ReUse Connection and its founder, Ian Moise, here’s an informative interview with him from the website Blue Planet, Green Living.

You may want to become a follower on this page; there’s certainly something new every day. Let us know if you try any of these ideas, or post your own!