Welcome to the Cayenne Room! The name is a nod to our love for spices, but we’ll cover a range of topics here, from food to aromatherapy to natural living in general. Frontier Co-op includes Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia — three great brands from one sustainable co-op.

Frontier began in 1976, acting as a wholesaler and repackaging hundreds of herbs and spices into one- and two-pound bags. Today, we offer organic and natural spices, herbs, baking extracts and flavors, teas, bulk food ingredients, essential oils, body care products and more. Our products can be purchased at natural food stores, grocery stores and other retailers nationwide, as well as through our retail website.

Our co-op’s mission is to “Nourish People and Planet. Always Be Fair.” It’s a simple yet powerful mission for our company, as well as good advice for living our individual lives. We hope our blog demonstrates how we’re fulfilling that mission — and contributes to a community of people choosing healthier, more sustainable and more ethical lifestyles.

Thank you for reading — tell us what you think in the comments!

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  1. Delighted is what I felt when I found your site. I am new to the whole foods and the healthy lifestyle. We recently went organic and limited dairy. My daughter may have a gluten intolerance so we cut that out as well. I am currently using essential oils hopefully in the future we can get our daughter off of all her allergy and asthma medication. Thanks for such a wealth of information as I look forward to following my gratitude is yours, Allie.

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