Soak up the sun: Natural skin care recipes for summer

outdoor essential oil recipes

By Charlynn Avery

When I think of summer, I am filled with visions of time spent outdoors enjoying the warm weather. It is very much in our nature to move our lives outside to soak up the sun like the plants that are heavily in bloom. But along with the fun and days full of sunshine, summer brings a variety of issues that we all face as we expose our skin to the outdoors.

To keep skin healthy, glowing and protected – consider using essential oils and natural skin care oils to care for your skin.  Some ways to incorporate essential oils in your summer skin routine:

  • After care for sun exposure
  • Giving a boost to body scrubs and natural lotion/oil blends for glowing skin
  • Soothing irritated skin

Some caution is required – particularly with citrus oils in the summertime.  In skin applications with citrus oils, we become more sensitive to UV light, which increases our potential to burn. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight after such applications.

A nourishing, cooling mist is a relief after spending the day in the sun. I suggest trying naturally cooling oils like peppermint and spearmint, or lavender and helichyrsum — which combine well with one another, or can be used on their own. All are ideal in after sun skin care.

Below, one of my favorite summertime recipes for natural skin care:

Soothing and Cooling After Sun Mist



Pour ingredients into a spray mister bottle. Essential oils and water will separate, so shake the bottle vigorously before misting lightly over sunburned skin. To increase the cooling effect, store bottle in refrigerator.

More summertime skin care recipes:

What are your summertime skin care tips?

Charlynn AveryAbout the author: Charlynn Avery, aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia, is on a quest to change the way we look at health and healing in the U.S. She has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist, and currently holds additional certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Thai Massage and Life Coaching. Although she loves natural healing, she loves spending time in nature even more. An avid traveler both for work and pleasure, she can often be found getting her U.S. National Park Passport stamped or reading a good book in an airport.

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