Summer’s bounty: Asparagus

This kicks off our summer series about enjoying in-season organic produce. Learn simple tips for highlighting summer’s bounty in fresh, well-spiced meals!

By Tom Havran

Could there be a better-tasting or healthier vegetable to kick off the fresh produce season at your local market than springtime asparagus? These emerald green spears burst from the ground containing a complex flavor of earthy, sulfurous minerality and vibrantly green vegetal sweetness.


Simply Organic Garlic ‘n’ Herb and Grind to a Salt make perfect seasonings for simple, grilled asparagus.

How to prepare it: There’s simply no wrong way to enjoy asparagus — except overly boiled into mush! Steam and adorn with butter, salt and pepper, grill with olive oil and garlic, broil with balsamic vinegar, or munch raw with a seasoned creamy yogurt dip.

Spices and herbs to complement: Try asparagus with delicate, green herbs like parsley, chives, tarragon and chervil.

Pairs well with: Enjoy asparagus with salty, creamy dairy such as butter and cheese. As a versatile side dish, asparagus goes well with delicately cooked eggs and fish, or more substantial fare such as a grilled steak and baked potato.

Tips for enjoying asparagus:

  • Slim, medium or thick? They’re all good, just choose similarly sized spears for even cooking and adjust your cook time accordingly.
  • Peel the fibrous bases of thick spears or trim them away.
  • Steam, sauté, broil or grill the spears to an al dente texture. Avoid boiling them.
  • Don’t use an aluminum pan or pot as the chemistry of the asparagus can react with the metal to taint the flavor.
  • For optimal flavor and tenderness, use asparagus immediately — it tends to get woody and tasteless if stored in the fridge too long.

Recipes to try:

What are your favorite ways to enjoy asparagus? Share them in the comments!


Tom-HavranAbout the author: Tom is communicator of natural living for Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands. In other words, he’s a very imaginative copywriter. A local boy, raised on a farm just down the road from the company’s headquarters in Norway, Tom enjoys drawing, plant hoarding, cooking and living the simple life in the beautiful state of Iowa.


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