6 natural, DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

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By Alan Miles

Looking for a fun DIY Mother’s Day idea for a mom who would appreciate a natural gift? Here are six ways to make mom happy — with specific recipes and ideas for each.

1. Give her flowers.

Essential oils can capture the entrancing scent of flowers and keep them available for a long, long time. Give Mom a “bouquet” of roses with a basket of Rose Absolute or Rose Otto Precious Essentials ™, rosehip oilrosehips tea and dried rose sachet. If she prefers the relaxing scent of lavender, fill her basket with lavender essential oillavender foam bath and dried lavender sachet.

How about some flowers to drink? If Mom’s a tea drinker, you’ll delight her with a selection of flower teas such as hibiscuscalendulachamomile and jasmine.

gluten free lemon poppy seed scones

2. Treat her with sweets.

Sweets have a good reputation for expressing love. DIY treats are especially “sweet” — try whipping up one of these special baking recipes for her:

  • Mom probably tried to sneak some natural nutrition into your snacks when you were little. Now you can return the favor by making some Sneaky Blueberry Muffins for Mother’s Day. There’s some unexpected nourishment from vegetable or fruit puree worked into the recipe.
  • If your mom is one of the growing number of people who is committed to or exploring gluten-free eating, these Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Scones (pictured above) will be the perfect treat to celebrate the day.
  • Another take on that tantalizing lemon-poppy seed flavor is the Czech pastry, the kolache. A little baking experience is helpful for making our Lemon Poppy Seed Kolaches, but the results are authentically delicious!
  • Your “sweets for the sweet” theme doesn’t have to involve a caloric intake. This cocoa butter-based Chocolate Body Butter recipe will nourish Mom’s skin and fill the air with a delightful floral-sweet and chocolatey aroma.

Spring Brunch Group Shot-2

3. Make her breakfast (or brunch) in bed.

It’s a good bet your mom has made her share of breakfasts for the family. Maybe she’d like to stay in bed and have a delicious breakfast or brunch brought to her. Make it a meal she won’t forget with these tasty and visually appealing spring brunch recipes.

4. Nurture her passion for cooking.

Maybe your mom’s the practical type. If she likes to cook, consider refreshing her spice rack for her. Just head to our website or your local natural food store and put together a fresh supply of her favorite spices — and a few surprises to add to the fun. (If you often stop by Mom’s for dinner, you’ll be doing yourself a favor as well.) Even on a small budget, you can provide mom with a couple of premium spices she might not indulge in herself, such as whole vanilla beans or exotic Spanish saffron.

FR WEB Flax Seed Lavender Pillow Artice Header

5. Pamper her with herbs.

If mom enjoys herbs, here are a couple of DIY ideas that are sure to please her. Visit our website for everything you need to know about creating her an herbal gift basket or relaxing flax seed and lavender neck pillow.

6. Help her keep her balance.

If you have a yoga mom, give her some aromatherapy gifts that will enhance her routines. Aura Cacia’s Chakra Balancing Roll-ons are formulated according to ancient traditions to balance the seven chakras and bring us into a healthily functioning state of harmony. Or, try one of Aura Cacia’s organic yoga mists — they can be used as a refreshing body spray, a mat spray or room freshener. If you’d like to craft her gift instead, these tips on enhancing yoga with essential oils tell you how to make diffusing and purifying formulations as well as a signature massage/anointing oil.

When you were little, you probably gave your mom indecipherable drawings, dandelions and found objects to show your love. Now you can similarly delight her with a grown-up gift that nurtures a natural lifestyle. 

How are you showing Mom your love this year?

Alan Miles

About the Author: Alan explores ideas and issues related to a sustainable lifestyle — from cooking and culture to social and environmental responsibility. He enjoys Shakespeare, but not as much as college basketball (Go Hawks!). Alan is a family man, liking nothing better than spending time with his wife of 34 years, his four kids and four grandkids.

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