5 Homemade Chocolate Valentine’s Day Treats

by Alan Miles

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s treat for that special someone, something tasty for a Valentine’s Day party, or just want to celebrate the holiday by doing something nice for yourself — you can’t go wrong with chocolate. Here are five ideas for Valentine’s Day treats that bring the delight of chocolate to your holiday.

brownie1. Bake a chocolate treat.
Homemade chocolate cakes and brownies are a perfect fit with a romantic holiday. There are plenty of options for all levels of cooking skill on the Frontier and Simply Organic web pages. Even if your Valentine isn’t gluten sensitive, you can’t go wrong with Simply Organic’s Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies recipe. And this Mexican Chocolate-Almond Cake recipe offers a delicious vegan option.

2. Make chocolate ice cream.
Ice cream has a long tradition of bonding relationships — whether you’re making it together or just sharing a bowl (both is best). Add rich, full-flavored cocoa powder and make an unforgettable chocolate batch. Try this enticing Cocoa Ice Dream (rum optional) or this yummy Vegan Chocolate Chai Ice Cream that sets itself apart with the spicy touch of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

chocolove3. Bring chocolate into the bedroom.
The smooth glide and delightful scent of cocoa butter make it ideal for massage. And you can bump it up a couple of notches on the sensuality scale by adding natural essential oils. Try a hands-on way to engage your Valentine with the homemade Chocolove recipe on Aura Cacia’s Valentine’s Day DIY page.

divinity_drink4. Enjoy some hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate is easier to make than baked goods or ice cream, but is part of the same chocolate-fun tradition. If you want a very special treat for a special day, make a batch of Divinity Drink — you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

5. Craft a chocolate gift.
If you want to give a homemade Valentine’s gift, here’s one that’s fun for everyone — and a dream come true for chocoholics! Our Chocolate Shaving Cream enhances a body care ritual with the irresistible scent of chocolate — and it’s great for your skin, too!

All of these ideas are even better if you’re using our organic Fair Trade Certified cocoa powder and cocoa butter, which provide top quality, organic wholesomeness and ethical sourcing.

So go ahead and make this Valentine’s Day all about chocolate — just think outside that heart-shaped box.

Do you have some favorite chocolate treats of your own? Share them in the comments below.

Alan MilesAbout the Author: Alan explores ideas and issues related to a sustainable lifestyle — from cooking and culture to social and environmental responsibility. He enjoys Shakespeare, but not as much as college basketball (Go Hawks!). Alan is a family man, liking nothing better than spending time with his wife of 34 years, his four kids and four grandkids.

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