Rejuvenate your outlook: 3 ways to find everyday bliss

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Guest Post By Lula Brown

Rejuvenation is about stepping outside your daily routine to renew your mind and body.

If you wake up every morning, drink hot water with lemon, meditate and eat leafy green vegetables all day, you might need some truffle fries and a glass of champagne to feel rejuvenated.


To me, rejuvenated means invigorated, refueled and calm. We all think we need to revamp our eating and exercise approaches to reach bliss. But those two components are not the universal answer.

So what is?

Tuning in.

When you tune in to yourself, you’ll be able to find what’s missing to help bring balance back into your life — alone time, social interaction, thrills, pleasures, peace — and channel those everyday moments of bliss. Here’s how:

1. Notice your reactions to simple daily interactions.
Are you snapping at the barista when she mixes up your order? Always feeling frustrated with a coworker? This probably means your adrenals are drained and you need some time to reboot. Try daily relaxation exercises, or plan a weekend retreat. Whether on location or at home, think soothing long baths, dry body scrubbing and deep, restful sleeps.

2. Meditate.
Engaging in this practice for even 10 minutes daily will unveil your needs. It will also tame irritability, allowing you to move through your days with more ease and presence.

3. Talk to someone.
If you feel like you’re lacking something in your life but unsure where to search for it, hash it out with a confidante. The simple act of talking it through will help you to realize what you truly need.

These simple steps will provide mental clarity for a rejuvenation process that is both energizing and soothing — the perfect one-two punch to find bliss in everyday activities.

What helps you rejuvenate and rebalance your outlook?

lula headshotAbout the Author: Lula Brown is a Certified Health Coach and nutritional chef based in New York City. She works with women and men who seek a holistic, proactive approach to health and wellness, tailoring programs to fit individual needs and goals. Lula frequently contributes to Mind Body Green, and has written for the online and print editions of Time Out New YorkTeen Vogue and CREEM Magazine. Get in touch with Lula at

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