14 ways to nourish your consciousness in 2014

By Tom Havran

Since, according to our mission statement at Frontier, we are in the business of nourishing people and planet, we thought it would be good to brainstorm a list of nourishing suggestions for you to try in the new year. We started with the word “consciousness” and thought about two themes: culinary consciousness and positive self-consciousness. Since most new year’s resolutions seem to focus on beating one’s self up with new diet restrictions and self-improvement of the boot camp to vainglorious body-consciousness kind, we tried to build a more holistic list of 14 ways to live more consciously this year.

Culinary consciousness
Everybody wants to eat better, but there’s no harm in treating yourself to something decadent once in a while if you consume the treat mindfully and choose not to beat yourself up over it. Also, expand your mind and your experience by resolving to try new foods and learn some simple cooking techniques this year.

homemade almond milk

Making a nut or seed milk from scratch is easier than you might think. Image courtesy of Ashley McLaughlin of Edible Perspective.

9 ways to explore your culinary consciousness in 2014:

  1. Make a nut or seed milk from scratch, such as homemade almond milk.
  2. Make a homemade soup stock.
  3. Make your own curry blend.
  4. Heard of Meatless Mondays? Start your own weekly food tradition, like Vegan Tuesdays, All-Organic Thursdays or New Recipe Fridays.
  5. Try a new spice.
  6. Try a new cuisine.
  7. Document a treasured family recipe.
  8. Have a cup of tea instead of coffee, or have a cup of coffee instead of tea.
  9. Eat something decadent — and enjoy it!

Self consciousness
Be more self-conscious, in a positive way! Make time to treat yourself to some soothing body care or easy, stress-reducing exercise. Also, make a conscious commitment to be aware of yourself and you presence in the world.

  1. Take an aromatherapy bath.
  2. Love lavender? Try helichrysum.
  3. Start a gratitude journal.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Just be kind to yourself, especially in the face of any challenges that 2014 puts in your path.

How are you resolving to live more consciously this year?


Tom-HavranAbout the author: Tom is communicator of natural living for Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands. In other words, he’s a very imaginative copywriter. A local boy, raised on a farm just down the road from the company’s headquarters in Norway, Tom enjoys drawing, plant hoarding, cooking and living the simple life in the beautiful state of Iowa.

2 thoughts on “14 ways to nourish your consciousness in 2014

  1. I am trying to get up the courage to live more consciously this year by killing and butchering all my own meat. Unfortunately I don’t own any animals to kill, and my travel schedule prevents me raising any. Buying a fully grown one just to take personal responsibility for killing it seems a bit like cheating. Not to mention my hunting skills are non-existent. I suppose I could start with fishing, but I haven’t tried that for 40 years either (and it doesn’t sound like a good January activity). Being a conscious flesh eater is harder than a city boy might think … but your article did get me thinking about it.

  2. Something I like to do to increase my awareness is to take a walk, do a little chanting or meditation to relax and clear my mind, then open my senses and try to see the world around me as though I was an alien, seeing this world for the first time. I am alert to the impressions my senses are receiving, but without making any judgement about them. I find that I am able to see, hear, feel and smell what is around me on a deeper, more conscious level. And its fun to do.

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