4 ways to dish up a holistic holiday season

By Tom Havran

The sensory overload of the holiday season often leaves you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and just plain over-indulged. Instead, take a more holistic approach to the holidays. Choose to live in the moment and make a more conscious connection to the sights, aromas, flavors and sounds of this wonderful time of the year.

apple pie-6

Make a point to slow down, appreciate the beauty of food and savor every bite.

Together, let’s cultivate a sense of:

Gratitude over gluttony. Holiday feasts usually center on a table loaded with roasted meat, savory stuffing, piles of potatoes, rich side dishes and calorie-laden desserts. It’s good to celebrate with a bountiful meal but not when over-indulgence turns what should be a meal of gratitude into a debilitating episode of regret. Besides simply cutting back on overeating, or at the very least eating consciously, there are other ways to embrace thankfulness. Make a point to slow down, appreciate the beauty of the food and savor of every bite. Most of all, be sure to express your appreciation to the people you love.

Acceptance over guilt. In an effort to create the perfect holiday filled with perfect memories, we overspend, over-commit and often deny our own needs. Usually, our efforts fail and then a sense of guilt over our perceived failure creeps in. Instead, embrace the inevitability of imperfection and recognize the beauty inherent in things that are real.

Humor over sadness. Happiness, levity and celebration seem to be everywhere around us this time of year. The expectation to be unfailingly happy for weeks on end with none of the normal set-backs and disappointments that are a natural part of life is unrealistic. Know that you will inevitably experience a period or two of sadness and find ways to smile through it.

Peace over resentment. Our senses can be overly stimulated this time of year, leading to feelings of dread and resentment. Just thinking of the crowds, long lines, credit card bill and stress of travel are just a few things that lead some to declare that they hate the holidays. Avoid the trap by scheduling some quiet solitude into your busy calendar. Also, don’t be afraid to scale back and economize. A smile, a phone call or an embrace hardly cost a dime and it’s what all of us truly desire and need from the people we love.

How are you making a more conscious connection to the holiday season this year?

Tom-HavranAbout the author: Tom is communicator of natural living for Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia brands. In other words, he’s a very imaginative copywriter. A local boy, raised on a farm just down the road from the company’s headquarters in Norway, Tom enjoys drawing, plant hoarding, cooking and living the simple life in the beautiful state of Iowa.

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