Organic recipes for fall: September web finds

By Katie Staab

This month, the autumnal sunshine and bright harvest moon seemed perfectly appropriate as we celebrated Organic Harvest Month. As September slips into October, and the days get shorter and the nights chillier, we’ll turn to the bounty of the hearty, organic recipes we found this month.

Enjoy our favorite webfinds from September — recipes for your belly and your body!

1. While we hate to say goodbye to summer’s abundance of fresh produce, we can’t complain about the return to hearty and warm comfort foods during fall. Try indulgent lobster macaroni and cheese or a veggie-packed vegan gumbo, both new recipes we provided in September to give you ways to try Frontier’s new organic Seafood Seasonings.


Eggs in Purgatory from Cindy’s Table was one of our favorite organic recipe finds this month.

2. Speaking of new flavors to try, we discovered Cindy’s Table this month, a great website if you are interested in Italian cooking — and we’re not just talking spaghetti or pizza! Check out her recipe for Eggs in Purgatory for a flavorful weekend breakfast.

3. It isn’t fall without football — or tailgating food. We teamed up with Laurie from Simply Scratch to develop unique, organic recipes to wow the crowd at your next party.

4. Fall is also a great time to stock up your pantry — from refilling your favorite bulk grains to refreshing your spices. Naturally Ella will help you get started with her “recipe” for a whole foods pantry.

5. During your visit to the bulk bins, don’t forget that you can find great DIY beauty ingredients, too! Salt, sugar, oatmeal, honey … many ingredients for homemade skin care treatments can be found in bulk. For inspiration, make a simple facial scrub with sea salt, olive oil and lavender essential oil.

If you found a great organic recipe recently, share it in the comments!

Katie-Shatzer-StaabAbout the author: Katie coordinates social media for Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia — which means her head is usually spinning with Web content ideas and her iPhone rarely leaves her sight. When she’s not giggling at the latest memes or researching social media trends, Katie loves to run, read multiple books at once, and experiment in the kitchen.

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