How to make a vision board to create positive change

By Charlynn Avery

It’s almost officially autumn and change is in the air. Students are back at school. Daily routines have shifted. Leaves are starting to change color.

So what better time than now to transform your life with a vision board?

Create a roadmap for your life
I like to think of a vision board as a bucket list of sorts — it’s a visual representation of the roadmap for your life. Typically, your board will be filled with symbolic images and powerful phrases that reflect that roadmap.

But the process of creating that roadmap is just as important as the roadmap itself.

Your vision board serves as both a tool for achieving your life’s goals and a transformational activity. As a tool, your vision board can help you set goals and identify areas of your life that need more motivation or action. Think about the things you want to achieve. Is it a peaceful family that spends a lot of time together? A life of travel? A new career?

As a transformational activity, a vision board can help you find purpose and authenticity in your life, and guide you toward manifesting change in ways that you didn’t expect.

vision boards

Be realistic
What a vision board isn’t – a poster of all things material.  If you fill your board with pictures of fast cars and luxury homes, you’re missing the point. What we truly desire (most of us anyway) is what these things represent – freedom in terms of both time and money. So if you focus on superficial representations of financial freedom, you set yourself up for an unattainable goal if you struggle to get the bills paid each month. Ask yourself exactly what you want to achieve and/or add to your life. Then be realistic about what your current limitations are and work on those in this process.

Turn your vision into reality with sensory support
As you create your vision board, you’ll want to set the right atmosphere for your ideas to thrive. Aromatherapy and music support the senses and can set a motivating tone and mood. Essential oils are particularly important for forming a scent/memory connection. For example, if you diffuse lemon and rosemary while working on your board, you’ll be reminded of your goals whenever you smell that combination. That subtle energy will permeate your life and influence you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Suggested essential oil combinations for the creative process:

Now that we’ve explored the power and potential of your vision board, it’s time to have some real fun. Here’s how to create your vision board:

  1. Ask yourself questions. What do I need in my life right now for happiness? What am I missing? What do I need to grow into the person I know I can be? What are the things I want to make sure I accomplish in my lifetime? Who do I want to become?
  2. Find visuals. With the above questions in mind, find your favorite magazines. Look through the magazines to find images, words or phrases that jump out to you as motivation or inspiration. Think outside the box too – if you want to go back to school, get a brochure from the college of your choice and put it on the board. Print out the requirements for the degree you want to pursue; don’t just limit yourself to an established image. The more personal it is, the more of yourself you’ll see in the board. Use stickers, markers and paint to add color and flair.
  3. Get in the zone. Once you have collected the items for your board, begin to diffuse your oils, put on some great music, get your art supplies and start creating.
  4. Hang it up. When complete, post your board in a prominent place in your home. The more you see it, the more the images become part of you. Reinforce the vision with your sense of smell – the oils you used in the creation of your board can help support and sustain your vision in your daily life.

Have you created a vision board? If so, share you story here!

Charlynn Avery Aura CaciaAbout the author: Charlynn Avery, aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia, is on a quest to change the way we look at health and healing in the U.S. She has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist, and currently holds additional certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Thai Massage and Life Coaching. Although she loves natural healing, she loves spending time in nature even more. An avid traveler both for work and pleasure, she can often be found getting her U.S. National Park Passport stamped or reading a good book in an airport.

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