Beyond work/life balance: August web finds

By Katie Staab

As the long, agenda-free days of summer come to an end, it’s back to school for many families — and back to a hectic calender full of scheduled events for all of us. With the frenzy of activity autumn brings, keeping your life in balance is ever more challenging this time of year. A schedule-oriented conversation about work/life balance is only the start; in this month’s web finds, we take a look at how your diet, your home and your energy centers are all part of discovering your balance in life.


  • How we eat is one of the simplest choices we can make to bring balance into our lives. With most Americans eating less than the recommended amounts of vegetables each day, these 29 ways to eat more vegetables at breakfast gave us some great ideas for starting the morning right.
  • If a rainbow chard and egg white frittata doesn’t fit your style (or your schedule), a portable breakfast can still be part of a balanced diet. We’ll have to get our veggies later in the day, but we can’t wait to try these vegan and gluten-free trail mix cookies from Oh She Glows.
  • The aroma of your home also affects the overall balance of your life. Whether deodorizing the freezer with vanilla extract (thanks Real Simple) or creating a simple shower spray, we’re paying attention to the importance of scent.
  • Taking the power of scent a step further, aromatherapy also can help you balance your chakras. This month, our Aura Cacia brand launched a new website dedicated to helping you learn about your chakras — energy centers in your body — and ways to balance them.

What practices help you stay balanced?

Katie-Shatzer-StaabAbout the author: Katie coordinates social media for Frontier, Simply Organic and Aura Cacia — which means her head is usually spinning with Web content ideas and her iPhone rarely leaves her sight. When she’s not giggling at the latest memes or researching social media trends, Katie loves to run, read multiple books at once, and experiment in the kitchen.

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