Goodbye, January! Warm soup recipes and other winter web finds

By Katie Shatzer, social media specialist

After an indulgent holiday season, January might not seem like much fun. We return to routine, attempt self-improvement through resolutions we’ve likely already forgotten (can you list yours?), and brave the onslaught of truly wintry weather. Thank goodness that, through it all, we had the Internet to keep us creative, motivated and, let’s just admit it, entertained.

Enjoy some of our favorite finds from the web this month:

soup recipes for winter

Iowa Girl Eats’ Cheesy Taco Soup recipe is perfect for a chilly winter day.

  1. With the chilly weather January typically brings, adding Simply Organic taco seasonings to the soup pot seemed like a good idea — for at least two of our favorite bloggers. Iowa Girl Eats created a Cheesy Taco Soup, while Boulder Locavore shared a recipe for Turkey Tortilla Soup.
  2. Taking on a new year at work, school and home, combined with short daylight hours, left us tired and a bit down. Thanks to Organic Authority for suggesting we turn to aromas like jasmine and peppermint to boost our energy and our spirits.
  3. For those of us who didn’t give up our love for snacking this month, Simply Scratch made us feel good about indulging in creamy, homemade Roasted Lemon and White Bean Hummus.
  4. January wasn’t without its highlights … these action-filled photos of the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference remind us of what a great time we had at the conference this month!
  5. Admittedly, we didn’t find this on the web; we put it there. We were excited to begin sharing our series of Spice Tips this month. We hope that you learn new ways to enjoy your favorite spices, and are inspired to try spices you haven’t used before.

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