California vote not the end for GMO labeling

By Tony Bedard, CEO

It’s simple: People should know what’s in their food.

Yesterday, California residents voted on whether genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be called out on food labels.  In spite of the support of Frontier and other like-minded companies, the measure unfortunately failed to pass, with nearly 47 percent of voters in support of it.

I explained in a recent blog post why Frontier stands behind GMO labeling. (You can read our stance on GMOs in our products on our website). This issue is important to us because it’s closely connected to who we are.  From our start in 1976, Frontier was an early supporter of organic agriculture, and we have always practiced full disclosure in the labeling of our products. Our support of Proposition 37 makes perfect sense in light of our history.

Frontier’s mission, “Nourish People and Planet. Always Be Fair” speaks to our long-term goals to nourish the world. When we at Frontier say, “nourish,” we aren’t just talking about filling our stomachs (although we love good food around here!). Nourish also means doing better for our world. We believe organic and non-GMO products are better for us and better for the environment. While GMO labeling is not a ban on GMO products, it brings awareness about how what we eat affects our bodies, our society and our environment.

Then there’s our commitment to always be fair. We provide full ingredient disclosure because we want you to have all the information to make your own decisions about our products — that’s fair business. And if you want to know more about where a product comes from, or how it’s made, just ask us!

Though Prop 37 didn’t pass, this issue is not going to go away. Frontier is in support of similar efforts in Washington state under the I-522 proposal – “The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.” Until GMO labeling is made mandatory in all 50 states (as it is in many European countries and elsewhere around the world, by the way), we’re going to keep insisting upon our right to know.

See which companies supported Prop 37 in California, and which spent millions fighting against it:

Image originally published by the Cornucopia Institute:

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