GMOs: We all have a right to know

Frontier supports Proposition 37, the legislation on the ballot this fall in California that requires labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We hope this proposition will pass in California and inspire national legislation.

We oppose genetically engineered foods in general, but our support for Prop 37 comes from an even more fundamental position — we all have a right to know what’s in the food we are eating.

We should have the choice to avoid food containing genetically engineered material. Advocates of GMOs should not be allowed to sneak unwanted genetically engineered foods into our shopping baskets by hiding the facts from us. We have always practiced full disclosure of ingredients at Frontier, and we hope Californians — and people across the nation — will demand the same of the GMO industry. Identifying genetically engineered foods on labels is the only honest and fair course of action.

Let us make our own choices about GMO consumption.

Tony Bedard, CEO

Frontier Natural Products Co-op

3 thoughts on “GMOs: We all have a right to know

  1. There are a lot of arguments from both sides, but I haven’t heard on good one from the anti Prop 37 side yet. With companies like Monsanto throwing money at the problem and posting as many untruths as they have been all over the internet and media, it almost seems as if the food industry has something to hide. They didn’t hide it very well, the French found it.

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