Aura Cacia Introduces Essential Solutions™ Mists for Everyday Use

Need to clear the air around you in hopes of some calm and relaxation? Now you can reach for one of Aura Cacia’s new Essential Solutions™ mists. We took our cue from the popularity of our bottled Essential Solutions™ and packaged them in a convenient two-ounce reusable aluminum bottle with mist dispenser. It’s also perfect for travel, since the size is TSA approved.

Now you can use them for room or body spray, and each unique essential oil blend offers something different:

Chill Pill: a blend of calming lavender, refreshing citrus and balancing patchouli to diffuse anger, quiet arguments and create harmony
Cool Hottie: a blend of calming lavender, cooling peppermint and the powerfully balancing vitex to cool down and take the edge off an agitated state
First Response: a blend of cleansing tea tree, camphorous eucalyptus and freshening citrus to purify surfaces and the atmosphere around you
Panic Button: a blend of relaxing lavender, centering neroli and focusing petitgrain to relax, calm fears and help keep a level head
Pep Talk: a blend of spicy cardamom, invigorating peppermint and energizing citrus to clear the cobwebs, inspire decision making and dissipate the doldrums.

“We’re excited to introduce this unique line of essential oil mists. The fun product names and small packaging make it easy for anyone to experience the truly therapeutic aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils, whenever they need it most,” says Jane Merten, Aura Cacia’s Senior Brand Manager.

The five new Essential Solutions mists complement the best-selling Pillow Potion mist.

The mists can be purchased directly from Aura Cacia or through retailers nationwide. Each mist has a suggested retail price of $7.99. Right now they’re 25% off, too – through March.

Let us know which one’s your favorite – and how you use it.

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