National Moment of Chill

Whether through work, stress or even play, life takes its physical and emotional toll on us.

It’s time to take a time out, relax and just chill.

Aura Cacia, our aromatherapy brand, has a plan. Join the National Moment of Chill movement and pledge to take back 15 minutes out of your hectic day for you, at noon on January 23. Plan a time out and relax. You can do it, and you’ll love the result.

How? Massage lavender into your temples to improve awareness and boost yourself to a positive state. Take a walk. Stretch. Diffuse rose absolute oil at your desk and strike your favorite yoga pose. Meditate. Play with your dog. Hug your loved one a minute longer. Take action!

Here’s how you can pledge to chill on January 23.

Be sure to tell your friends, too. And post a photo or video of a #CHILLMOMENT on the Aura Cacia Facebook page for a chance to win one of Aura Cacia’s coveted gift baskets.

Visit us on Pinterest for more #CHILLMOMENTS.

And be ready to chill — Monday, January 23 at noon. We’re looking forward to having you join us!

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