So Many Uses in One Little Bottle: Aura Cacia Eucalyptus Essential Oil

We’ve launched this ad campaign via Aura Cacia, our aromatherapy brand.

Winter is definitely the season for bringing the potent energy of eucalyptus oil into your life. We’d love to hear your favorite use for this energizing essential oil!

6 thoughts on “So Many Uses in One Little Bottle: Aura Cacia Eucalyptus Essential Oil

  1. euclayptus essential oil is remarkable for its ability to alleive aching muscles and sore joints. i add a few drops to unscented lotion or oil and massage in. also it is helps to clear nasal passages very quicly. just sniffing the bottle even helps although i prefer a bit of a steam or soak in a bubbly tub.

  2. Just started using Eucalyptus oil. My husband, 18 month old daughter, and myself were all sick this past week. My daughter has a humidifier with a little insert that you can put menthol pads in so she can breathe it in when she’s congested, but the pads are not only expensive to buy, but also have chemicals in them. I realized I can just keep one pad and use it over and over by reactivating it with eucalyptus oil! One bottle lasts forever. I also made my own dissolving shower discs with baking soda, water, and Eucalyptius oil. You mix a box of baking soda with about 1/3 of a cup of water, until it makes a paste. Then add 10-15 drops of Eucalyptus oil (you can also add rosemary and lavendar as well), and then pour it into lined cupcake tins, and let sit overnight. Then put them in a bag or a storage container in your bathroom and pop one in the shower when you’re congested! And lastly, I put a few drops in my daughters bath water when she’s congested to help relieve the congestion 🙂

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